Britnee Kellogg Moves on in New ‘Someone Somebody Loves’ Video The song was inspired by her own painful past.



Britnee Kellogg is preparing to release a new EP, and she’s previewing the project by letting fans see the video for the title song before it’s available. Kellogg is sharing her “Someone Somebody Loves” video in a Taste of Country exclusive.

The “Someone Somebody Loves” video cuts back and forth from shots of Kellogg and her band performing the passionate ballad in a rehearsal setting to scenes of her strumming an acoustic guitar and singing by herself, and there’s also a scene of her walking away holding hands with a man, implying she’s tentatively trying to move forward from a broken relationship with a new love.

“So the smoke and ash has cleared / She’s still standing here / He’s good and gone / She’s moving on / Doesn’t know where she’s headed / But she’ll keep on going until she gets there / Because someday she’s gonna be someone somebody loves,” Kellogg sings in the chorus.

She admits she drew on her own painful experience for the subject matter.

“The inspiration for ‘Someone Somebody Loves’ came when I was in the depths of being a single mom with two little boys after a marriage full of hurt and infidelity,” Kellogg tells us. “I was navigating life, working full time, raising my sons all while pursuing this dream of mine. I dreamt of having someone to love us, to love my boys and to love me, regardless of my flaws and past. This song is not just for me. It’s for every single person out there who has been hurt or felt alone and longs to feel loved. My hope is that it encourages them to start from within, to love themselves and to stand firm in their flawed beauty and know they deserve love in its truest form.”

Kellogg has been singing since she was three years old, and she’s been focused on country music since she attended a concert by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash when she was nine. She’s built a career that has seen her sharing the stage with Blake SheltonEric PaslayLee BriceMartina McBrideLittle Big Town and Keith Urban. She also competed on Season 11 and Season 12 of American Idol.

Kellogg is set to release her Someone Somebody Loves EP on April 5. The project is currently available for pre-order via iTunes. For more information about Britnee Kellogg, please visit her official website, or follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.