Abby Anderson’s “Good Lord” is a Blast of Country Sunshine [Listen]

Abby Anderson is long on gratitude for her new man in “Good Lord,” a guitar-laced, pop-country rocker.

The singer’s infectious smile is nearly visible through the stereo speakers as you blast this uncompromising love song.

Anderson, a 21-year-old from Texas, is labelmates with Kelsea Ballerini, but at this point in her young career, she’s blasted the sunshine. This new song is a feel-good prayer to the man upstairs for creating someone so considerate, attentive and handsome. By the end you’re like “Yo Abby, if that whole thing doesn’t work out, do you mind if I call him?

“I Thank the good Lord, I got a good man / I thank the good Lord, I got a good man,” Anderson repeats to close each chorus. On paper that’s not a lyric the male half of the country audience is going to embrace, but let’s be honest, what guy is going to turn down that kind of appreciation?

A gnarly guitar riff powers the arrangement of “Good Lord,” but Anderson’s soulful contemporary vocals and vibrant spirit are what’s on full display. She’s an exciting artist that’s easy to root for.

Did You Know?: Anderson did a pretty great cover of “Shallow” with fellow country newcomer and good friend Jimmie Allen.