Thomas Rhett’s New Song ‘That Old Truck’ [Listen]

Awesome new song from Thomas Rhett. Thomas Rhett’s new song talks about growing up in an old truck. Wrecked it good on some old back road. Had some, Heard Me Laugh, Heard Me Cry.

Thomas Rhett has debuted a nostalgic new song, “That Old Truck,” off of his upcoming album Center Point Road. The song’s poignant lyric video showcases his emotional and storytelling side.

Up and down the streets of a no-name town / Me and her with the windows down / 35 rollin’ on the ground / Lovin’ every minute / Skoal peach in the side of the door / Coke cans rollin’ on the floor / No I never wanted nothin’ more / Yeah that was livin’ / I drove her to work / Drove her to school / I drove her to PCB / I jacked it up, loaded it down / With all my friends and me,” Rhett sings as he looks back on lost days of youthful romance and carefree innocence.