Old Dominion Borrows ‘Rock Throne’ From Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl

“Sittin’ but rockin’!”


Healing leg or no healing leg, the show must go on. After Old Dominion frontman Matthew Ramsey learned he would have to undergo surgery to address an old leg injury, the group was forced to postpone three stops on their 2019 Make it Sweet Tour.

When Old Dominion returned to the stage at the end of February, however, Ramsey’s leg still hadn’t fully recuperated from surgery. Fortunately, the group had a little high-profile help from legendary rock group the Foo Fighters.

As it happens, the Foos have also faced the problem of how to perform after a bandmate suffers a leg injury. After the rock band’s frontman Dave Grohl fell offstage and broke his leg during a 2015 show, the band fashioned a custom-made “rock throne” so that they could continue to tour.

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