Lindsay Ell Is Using Her Cancer Scare to Push Others to Get Checked…

Lindsay Ell chronicles her cancer scare journey — from finding out and the removal of pre-cancerous cells — in a new video for her YouTube series, “What The Ell?”.

Ell had surgery to remove the pre-cancerous cells on Feb. 28, after learning she had them during a routine doctor’s appointment. Her goal now? To spread the word and encourage people to get their regular check-ups and learn more about their bodies.

She speaks candidly about the diagnosis she was shocked to learn and how thankful she is to her doctors — and how lucky she is — that they caught it earl

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Ell plans to continue her checkups to stay in good health.

“Sometimes we can’t always understand why things happen to us in life, but what we can do is make sure we’re taking proper care of ourselves,” she writes in the caption of her vlog. “This is my story … and my unofficial PSA that you all should go see the doctor, at least once a year. Nobody ever likes to hear the word cancer, or anything to that severity … but if you catch something early enough, you never know when you could be saving your life.”

We can’t wait to Lindsay Ell perform at Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale at 1:30 PM on Saturday, April 13th on the Main Stage!