Carrie Underwood Shows Off Chilly Canadian Photo

What’s the holidays without a good dose of snow? Carrie Underwood and her boys–husband Mike Fisher and son Isaiah–apparently have been enjoying just that this season. The superstar posted an adorable photo of Fisher and Isaiah (who will be 3 in February) Dec. 30, playing in a Canadian snowdrift.

“My boys playing in the snow!” She captioned the shot. “Thanks, Peterborough, for the good times! Next year, I’ll bring some better boots!”

Underwood apparently wasn’t kidding about needing better boots, as she tagged the post #ICantFeelMyToes. Ontario can indeed get pretty chilly, with temperatures in Peterborough expected to fall to negative digits this week.

Fisher also posted the photo on his own Instagram account, but seemed less disturbed by the cold. “Hard to beat tobogganing with the little man in the great white north!” He cheerfully commented. No wonder, as he’s from Peterborough and in his native element…next time, perhaps he’ll remind his wife to pack some proper footwear!

Underwood has been keeping a low profile since suffering a wrist injury in November, but took some time out during the holidays to share photos of Isaiah eating some Christmas cookies that he helped Mom make…as well as a festive shot of her dogs, Ace and Penny, which was adorably posted under the pups’ own Instagram account (which we assume Underwood mans, unless those dogs have learned a few tricks or two!).

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