14 Tweets Carrie Underwood Needs to Read Today

Carrie Underwood took nearly two months to talk about the gruesome injuries to her face — the result of a November fall at her Nashville home — but once she did, her fans were there for her.

These 14 tweets were just a handful of thousands sent in her direction after she opened up to fan club members about the 40 to 50 stitches she received to repair her face after her accident on Nov. 10. Some of the messages encourage Underwood to stay strong, while others ask the superstar singer to show her scars because they’re her story now, and they’re inspiring.

Several fans have their own harrowing stories of tragedy, including being mauled and shot through a car windshield. “If @carrieunderwood comes back into the spotlight scars & all, I can’t even tell you what that will do for my body image issues,” writes Krystin Sierra before explaining her 14-year-long battle with image after being bit by a German Shepherd. “Feeling pretty is hard.”

Underwood also needed wrist surgery days after the incident. In a blog post at her fan club message board she explains that she isn’t sure she’ll look the same after her wounds heal, but wanted to let fans know to expect as much as she begins doing on-camera appearances in support of new music.

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