10 Hottest Summer Songs of 2018

May 22, 2018 0

If you’re living it this summer, these 10 country singers are singing it. Continue reading… This Article Was Originally Posted at www.TasteofCountry.com http://tasteofcountry.com/hot-summer-songs-2018/

Country Stars With Their Moms [PICTURES]

May 7, 2018 0

Mom, Mother, Mama, Mommy — whatever she’s called, she’s played an integral role in these country stars’ lives. Continue reading… This Article Was Originally Posted at www.TheBoot.com http://theboot.com/country-singers-with-their-moms/

2018 Golden Mic Awards: Vote Now for Best Theater Act

April 24, 2018 0

Who deserves Best Theater Act in the 2018 Golden Mic Awards? Cast your vote now! Continue reading… This Article Was Originally Posted at www.TheBoot.com http://theboot.com/2018-golden-mic-awards-best-theater-act/

Country Music’s 10 Worst Pickup Lines

February 13, 2018 0

If you’re looking for a new pickup line to add to your arsenal, look no further than country music. In terms of lyrics that could definitely be re-purposed to hit on someone, country is full Read More

Top 10 Pickup Lines in Country Music

February 13, 2018 0

Don’t have a date tonight? Just turn on country radio, and you might get some advice for finding that special someone. Yes, country music is known for tales of love and heartbreak, but something’s gotta Read More

Jake Owen makes dorky look good

November 17, 2017 0

Embed from Getty Images Sorry but someone has to say it … golf is pretty much the least sexy sport out there. Whew, I feel better having got that off my chest. That said, there Read More

Jake Owen Joins Big Loud Records

November 7, 2017 0

BIG LOUD RECORDS has signed JAKE OWEN to the label, effective today. The move reunites OWEN with BIG LOUD founder JOEY MOI, who produced OWEN’s “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” album, which earned OWEN four consecutive Read More

Jake Owen Moves to Big Loud Records

November 6, 2017 0

After more than a decade with RCA Nashville, Jake Owen has signed with Big Loud Records. The self-described “independent, Nashville-based music-business hybrid that brings song publishing, artist development, management, production, promotion and capital investment under Read More