Lora Kelly, ‘Both Hands’ Music Video [Exclusive Premiere]

Virginia-based singer-songwriter Lora Kelly is premiering the music video for her song “Both Hands” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Fans can press play above to watch.

According to Kelly, “Both Hands” is a deeply personal song, written shortly after she attended the funeral of her grandmother “Mo,” who died after a lengthy battle with dementia. The artist calls the track a “tribute to the haziness of and clarity of memory,” and chose a home that reminded her of her grandparents’ house in Mississippi at which to film the song’s music video.

“We had driven to her funeral in the South; my parents came to visit. We reminisced about Mo, as she was called, and our time with her,” Kelly tells The Boot. “As they were leaving to return to Texas, I stood on the front porch of our house to watch them leave, and I lifted my hands to wave goodbye. My father rolled down his window and called out, ‘You look just like Mo; she always waved goodbye with both hands.'”

A mom, makeup artist and Americana newcomer, Kelly is working on her first full-length album. It’s set for release this summer.

“Writing it,” Kelly says, “has helped me grapple with my own sense of who I am — my own grief and grit and how they tend each other and us in the midst of life’s beauty and suffering.”

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